Congratulation to the 3 Nordic Champions

After three intense days 3 new Nordic Champions were found.

Congratulation to the 3 girls:

Group A: Jessica Bengtsson, Sweden
Group B: Lina Cao-Zhang, Sweden
Group C: Nansy Davidsdottir, Iceland

Thanks to everybody who participated – we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did – and that all you girls are ready for many new chess events in the future. Stay tuned at the facebook-group and see you hopefully to new championships in the future!

Winners group A

Group A:
1. Jessica Bengtsson, Sweden
2. Hauksdottir Hrund, Iceland
3. Louise Segerfelt, Sweden

Winners group B

Group B:
1. Lina Cao-Zhang, Sweden
2. Sara Næss, Norway
3. Ellen Fredericia Nilssen, Denmark

Winners group C

Group C:
1. Nansy Davidsdottir, Iceland
2. Anna Cramling Bellon, Sweden
3. Thyra Kvendseth, Norway

NM 2015NM 2015 Girls

All the final results are now available.


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